My name is Kate Allgood, I am the owner of Quantum Performance Inc, a high performance coaching firm that specializes in the mental training of athletes, both youth and elite-level alike.

During my career, I have helped hundreds of athletes to reach their athletic and personal goals. I know perfectly well that
most athletes don’t have programs or ways to train their mental game, in the ways they do every other aspect of their performance. This is something I believe is a big missing link.

My mission is to help athletes bring their mental performance up to the same level as their physical performance. To bridge the gap between where someone is currently performing and where they are capable of performing.

I have combined years of education and experience to create
proven, actionable strategies that teach athletes how to become psychologically resilient and release their underlying talents.

My program gives them my expertise at their fingertips to
achieve their dreams of being the best athlete they could be and support them in their quest to become world class.

Kate Allgood

Elite Performance Psychologist



Author of "Get Into the Zone: The Essential Guide to High Performance Through Mental Training". 

 2016 Patient’s Choice for one of the best psychology practices in San Diego. 

 Female ice hockey player of the year for Canadian University sports 

Recognized for her significant contribution to the field of sport psychology through her book "Get Into the Zone".

 Award winning Olympic level athlete and recognized as one of Canada’s top female athletes. 

 Athlete of the year at Brock University (2x runner up) 

Author of  "Fortitude: The Essential Guide to Building and Sustaining Mental Toughness".

 Recognized as one of the top 4 female athletes in all Canadian University Sports

 Recognized as one of the best in her field of sport psychology. 


Kate's life has always involved balancing a healthy body and mind. As early as the age of two, her father strapped “cheese cutter” twin blade skates on her as she tottered across the Canadian ice. By six years old, she was enrolled in organized ice hockey playing against all boys– and winning. She continued gliding on this tract through her university education, where she received numerous awards and was recognized as one of the best female athletes in Canada. Kate was also pegged as a potential candidate for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

After a successful athletic career, Kate found her passion for helping others to improve and enhance their mental health and performance. Just like with hockey, Kate has quickly become a recognized leader and one of a small percentage of people to have risen to the very top of her field as a practitioner and for her contributions to sport psychology through her Amazon Best Selling  book “Get Into the Zone”.

Kate has two Masters degrees with honors in psychology, specializing in sport psychology, and general psychology with a concentration in family psychology. She graduated with distinction for both degrees. Kate rounds out her education with certifications in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), sports hypnosis and Muscle Activation Techniques. As well as being a certified interpreter and user of the TAIS assessment. She is also trained in Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement (MSPE).

In 2010 Kate decided to open Quantum Performance Inc, a high performance coaching firm specializing in the mental training of high performers, that combines all her knowledge and skills. Kate understands the demands that elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts and business professionals face and provides solutions that she knows work. Clients include everyone from professional, college, high school athletes and Navy SEALs to ironman triathletes and yoga enthusiasts. She currently serves as a consultant for the AHL’s San Diego Gulls.

Kate continues to be active in numerous sports and continues to play ice hockey on a weekly basis. She currently resides in the San Diego, CA.


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